Kerabit Super

Kerabit Super is a diffusion-open, product-classified (AKV and AKD) waterproof underlay for roofs with an inclination of 1:3 or steeper. It can be used both as a wind barrier and an underlay. Mesh-reinforced Super is step-resistant, and it has an effective adhesive edge. Kerabit Super is installed longitudinally.

As the product is diffusion-open, a ventilation space is not necessarily required in the roof’s structure between the thermal insulation and the underlay, and, consequentially, this space can be used for additional insulation. As there is no ventilation space, heat loss is also reduced, rendering the overall structure more energy-efficient.


Manufacturer / Manufactured for
Nordic Waterproofing Oy, Lohja plant
Country of origin
Conformity marking
Fire Classification

category E

class W1
Nominal weight
210 g/m²
Rolls size
1,5 x 50 m / 75 m²
Packages / pallet
25 rlls
Weight / package
16 kg
Weight / pallet
425 kg
Material   microporous four-layer polypropylene cloth  
Sd value   0,03 m 
Air tightness    0,002 m³ / (m³hPa) 
Rain tightness   tight with the value 400 Pa 


Strong and durable

Kerabit Super underlay is constructed of four layers, with a microporous film in the core. Such a structure lends the product durability and excellent tensile strength. Hanging Kerabit Super is step-resistant. 


Handling and storage information

Underlay rolls should be kept protected from the weather and sunlight.

  • Tyvek windbarrier tape for repairing and sealing
  • Isola FlexWrap for fastening the underlay to a chimney and lead-throughs.
  • Kerabit Butyl Strip for fastening the underlay to the eaves flashings and the laths and the underlay