Kerabit Triangle Batten Strip

On the underside of the Triangle Batten Strip, adhesive bitumen enables the strip’s adhesion to triangular battens. This adhesion must be secured with nailing.


Manufacturer / Manufactured for
Nordic Waterproofing Oy/Lohja Plant
Country of origin
Quality control
Quality control carried out at the Plant quality control and a quality control agreement between the Plant and Eurofins Expert Services Oy
Supportive layer
Rolls size
0,12 x 10 m
red and black
Packages / pallet
12 x 4
Weight / package
5,1 - 5,6 kg
Weight / pallet
293,8 kg

Handling and storage 
Modified bitumen membranes are to be stored on pallets in a dry and cool place. Use a plastic hood or tarpaulin for protection. When the outdoor temperature exceeds +40°C, the rolls must be protected from sunlight.