Kerabit Eaves/Ridge Shingle Easy

Kerabit Easy Eave/Ridge Shingle is a eave and ridge shingle designed to be used with Kerabit K Easy bitumen roofing. A 1-metre shingle on the ridge is cut into three pieces, rotated 90 degrees and overlapped for the length of the adhesive surface.

The carrier of the product consists of non-woven glass fibre with a modified bitumen coating on both sides. The bottom surface is coated with adhesive bitumen, the top with slate granulates.

Colour options


Manufacturer / Manufactured for
Nordic Waterproofing Oy, Lohja plant
Country of origin
Conformity marking
Quality control
Quality control carried out at the Plant quality control and a quality control agreement between the Plant and Eurofins Expert Services Oy
Nominal thickness
approx. 3,2 mm
1 x 0,33 m = 3 x 0,33 x 0,33 m
Nominal weight
4000 - 4400 g/m²
Weight of the supportive layer
100 - 120 g/m²
Supportive layer
glass fibre non-woven
Surface type


Packages / pallet
Weight / package
24,2 kg
Weight / pallet
533,2 kg

Gain / package:

  • eaves 15 linear metres
  • ridge 7.4 linear metres