Kerabit K Easy

Kerabit K Easy is an alternative that is faster and more ecological than the traditional shingle. When installed, the roofing looks the same as traditional K-model shingle roofing, but installation is faster and less waste is created since there is no plastic film that needs to be removed.

There is an eaves/ridge shingle specially designed for Kerabit K Easy available, see Accessories to Kerabit bitumen roof. The regular Kerabit ridge shingle can also be used at the ridge of Easy roofing.

Colour options


Manufacturer / Manufactured for
Nordic Waterproofing Oy, Lohja plant
Country of origin
Conformity marking
Reaction to fire
Manifacturer´s declaration of the fire test
Fire Classification


Manufacturer’s declaration of conformity
Kerabit modified bitumen roofing
Quality control
Quality control carried out at the Plant quality control and a quality control agreement between the Plant and Eurofins Expert Services Oy
Nominal thickness
approx. 3,2 mm
Nominal weight
3600 - 4100 g/m²
Weight of the supportive layer
100 - 120 g/m²
Supportive layer
glass fibre non-woven
Surface type

slate granulates / slag (black)

Surface bitumen
SBS modified bitumen
Bituminous binder
SBS modified bitumen
grey and black
Need for materials
1 package / 3 m²
Packages / pallet
42 pcs
Weight / package
20 - 23 kg
Weight / pallet
874 kg (grey), 949 kg (black)

Inclination and the underlay membrane

Under bitumen shingles, an underlay membrane (Kerabit 700 UB, Kerabit 2200 UB or 2500 UB) is required. Shingles and strips dedicated for a specific purpose are available for eaves, ridges and other special applications.

 Bitumen shingles can be laid directly on top of the underlay membrane, without allowing for any gap for ventilation. The minimum roof inclination is 1:5. Generally, the underlay membrane must meet the requirements set for the product category AKK2 (Kerabit 700 UB, Kerabit 2200 UB and 2500 UB). If the roof inclination is 1:4–1:5, or if the roof has a large number of valleys or other details, the use of underlay membranes corresponding to the product category AKK1 is recommended.

Instructions for use

Bitumen shingles are lightweight and easy to work with. The roofing can be laid on a substrate of tightly joined tongue-and-groove boards or building boards suitable for the purpose. The old roofing may be left in place, providing a substrate over which the underlay membrane can be laid. During storage, shingles must be protected from rain and exposure to sunlight.


Bitumen shingles are constructed of strong non-woven glass fibre reinforcement coated with modified bitumen. Slate or mineral granules on the top of shingles protect them from exposure to weather. On the underside of shingles, a layer of self-adhesive modified bitumen ensures a firm bondage between the shingles. Kerabit K+ bitumen shingles have a traditional, angular shape.


  • A substrate of Kerabit OSB roof board, of other building board suited for the purpose, or of tongue-and-groove roof boards
  • An underlay of Kerabit 700 UB, Kerabit 2200 UB or 2500 UB
  • Kerabit Eave Flashing for lower eaves and Kerabit Gable Flashing for gable eaves; colour options are black and dark grey
  • Kerabit Easy Eaves/Ridge Shingles at the eave
  • Kerabit Ridge Vents and Ridge Vent Strips or Easy eaves/ridge shingle at the ridge
  • Cut Kerabit Valley Sheet for chimney upturns and for a possible valley
  • Triangular batten for gable eaves and around the chimney
  • Kerabit Sealing Adhesive
  • Roofing nails for securing the underlay, valley sheet and shingle roofing to the understructure
  • Nails for securing the eaves flashings and triangular battens to the understructure