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Low slope roofs

Low slope roofs refer to roofs with an inclination between 1:10 and 1:80.

Low slope bitumen roofing is waterproofed with weldable products or, alternatively, with products glued with molten bitumen, selected in accordance with the inclination of the roof.

For bitumen membranes, RIL 107-2012, guidelines for the waterproofing and damp-proofing of buildings, specifies the categories of use in which the inclination of roofs are described (for example, a roof falls into the category VE40 has an inclination of VE40 when it is at its lowest.) The table listing the categories of use species the structures required by the various roof inclinations, as well as the product categories for membranes to be used. These guidelines also specify the product features required by the various product categories, and their limiting values.

The installation of torch-applied and pour-and-roll products involves hot work, which requires an appropriate permit.