Kerabit Premium

Kerabit Premium is a laminated SBS-modified bitumen shingle. The shingles are manufactured by laminating two layers together, which makes the Premium shingles thicker than ordinary bitumen shingles.  Each shingle is rectangular, but there are individual variations in their pattern and shade. Combined with the two-layer structure, this gives the shingle an impressive three-dimensional effect and a lively surface. Premium comes in two stylish colours: anthracite and chestnut.

Bitumen shingles have a sturdy glass fibre felt carrier, coated with rubber bitumen (SBS) which makes the product flexible and durable.  Granules on the top surface protect the product from the influences of weather. The underside has spots of adhesive.

Kerabit Premium is suitable for roofs with a slope of 1:3 or steeper. The product is equally suitable for the roofing of modern one-family houses, holiday homes and older buildings.

Colour options


Manufacturer / Manufactured for
Nordic Waterproofing Oy, Lohja plant
Conformity marking
CE mark
Fire Classification


Nominal thickness
3,1/6,2 mm
Weight of the supportive layer
110 g/m²
Supportive layer
glass fibre
Surface type

slate granulates

Surface bitumen
SBS modified bitumen
Bituminous binder
SBS modified bitumen
anthracite, chestnut
Need for materials
1 package / 2,57 m² roofing or 7,7 linear metres ridge
Packages / pallet
30 pcs
Weight / package
30,8 kg
Weight / pallet
950 kg

Under the Kerabit Premium bitumen shingles, an underlay membrane (e.g. Kerabit Fiberit, Kerabit 2200 UB or 2500 UB) is required. Kerabit  Eaves Strip is installed on the lower eave, and Kerabit Sealing Adhesive is used for the details. The ridge pieces are cut from the Premium shingles. See installation instructions.