Kerabit Sokkelilevy (Foundation Wall Membrane)

Kerabit Foundation Wall Membrane is a black, studded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) membrane to protect the damp-proofing of foundations.

Kerabit foundation wall membranes are installed in the same manner as Baros foundation wall membranes. Foundation wall membranes and edge trims must be covered as soon as possible to prevent damage during construction.


Manufacturer / Manufactured for
Nordic Waterproofing Oy, Lohja plant
Country of origin
Conformity marking
Class W1 (60 kPa, 24 h)
Production material
HDPE, recycled
Structural height
8 mm (+/- 10 %)
Compression strength
190 kPa (–20%) (EN ISO 25619-2 rate 25 mm/min, on 4 studs)
Nominal thickness
0,5 mm
Nominal weight
500 g/m² (+/- 5 %)
Rolls size
1 x 20 m or 2 x 20 m
Tensile strength
>250N/50 mm
Packages / pallet
24 rolls (1 x 20 m) or 12 rolls (2 x 20 m)
Weight / package
approx. 10 kg (1 x 20 m) or approx. 20 kg (2 x 20 m)
Weight / pallet
260 kg
Elongation   >25% longitudinally / >20% laterally
Roll diameter   30 cm


Before installing the Kerabit Foundation Wall Membrane, it is necessary to install the Kerabit Pato/Radon Strip at the joint of the foundation wall and the footing. Kerabit foundation wall membranes are installed with the studs against the foundation wall, fastened at the top and finished with an edge trim. 

Kerabit foundation wall membranes must be covered carefully and as soon as possible after installation to prevent damage during construction.



Rolls must be stored upright, protected against direct sunlight, at a temperature below 45 °C. 

  • Platon Edge Trim for sealing the air gap
  • Baros Plug Nail 60 mm for a lightweight aggregate base
  • Baros Plug Nail 45 mm for a concrete base
  • Kerabit BIL 20/85 Bitumen Primer for pre-treatment
  • Kerabit Pato/Radon Strip or Platon Self-Adhesive Membrane for the joint of the foundation wall and the footing